About me

I was born in London and have worked here as a homeopath in the same location in St John’s Wood since 1988. I now live in Hertfordshire with my wife, two children and our dog. My other passions together with homeopathy are going on holiday, studying and practising astrology, playing guitar, keeping fit and tending my garden and veggie patch.

Gordon Sambidge

"I have trained over 1,000 students in the UK to become homeopaths."

Homeopathy and Education

I began my studies with a degree in Botany at London University. After university I travelled across Asia and landed in Australia. During my three year stay in Australia I became fascinated with naturopathy and nutrition. On my return to London I started a course in herbal medicine and in 1985 this led to study homeopathy at the College of Homeopathy. In 1988 I qualified as a homeopath and started my practice in St John’s Wood and Finchley, North London.

  • During this time I became a father of two beautiful children and managed to juggle family, teaching and homeopathic practice.


  • In 1998 I co-founded the Centre for Homeopathic Education (CHE). This became the largest homeopathic college in the UK.


  • I was Principal and Course Director for 15 years at the CHE. During this time I established and managed the BSc (Hons) in homeopathy between CHE and Middlesex University.

  • In 2003 myself and the family moved to Hertfordshire so our children could attend the Rudolph Steiner school in Kings Langley.


  • While being Principal of CHE I gained a lot of experience with education in homeopathy and complementary medicine while still retaining a busy practice and growing with homeopathy, nutrition, counselling and health management.


  • I also co-founded homeopathy courses in New York and Hungary for CHE and have trained over 1,000 students in the UK to become homeopaths.

homeopathy class

"I was Principal and Course Director for 15 years at the Centre for Homeopathic Education"

lemons to lavender

I wrote “Natural Remedies” a book on homeopathic first aid, naturopathy and nutrition. Homeopathic lecturing has taken me to various different countries including America, Australia, Iceland and Hungary. I have also lectured at many UK homeopathic colleges, conferences and seminars.