“In every human being there is a special heaven, whole and unbroken” - Paracelsus

I have been a homeopath and health practitioner for over 30 years.


My mission is to provide an integrated approach to health with the use of homeopathy, nutritional supports, herbal tinctures and advice on how to maintain a healthy life style.

Gordon Sambidge

Can we stay healthy in the modern day?

Our daily life style can cause a great deal of stress to all our body systems. The psychological and emotion pressure of surviving the day to day routines of work, family and relationships can be extremely draining plus the exposure to more chemicals and pollutants in our food and air can lead to various health problems :-

  • Emotional and psychological problems

  • Chronic fatigue, hay fever and allergies

  • Hormonal and menstrual imbalances

  • Skin complaints

  • Digestive issues

  • Endocrine disorders

  • Sleep dysfunctions

  • Blood pressure and heart problems

  • Migraines

  • Sinus allergies and obstructions

women staying healthy

With the support of an integrated approach to health you can see vast improvement in these complaints and do away the need for dependence on pharmaceutical drugs. Sometimes it is necessary to detox and clean certain organs and body systems to allow our own natural vital force to heal.

“Gordon is easy to talk to and helped me get clear about my symptoms. He is very caring and grounded. My panic attacks and irritable bowel condition have now disappeared. Thank you”


“After giving birth my energy was zero and I was struggling. My skin was awful, my digestion was all over place and my sleep was a disaster. Within 3 months I felt I had returned to normal.”


Concerns about the health of your children and teenagers ?


Children and teenagers can be under a lot of stress in their daily life due to school or peer pressure. Ill health can result with low immune systems and recurrent colds, sore throats and coughs. Inherited problems such as eczema, allergies, asthma or digestive disorders can be triggered by increased strain on their routines or exposure to food additives or air pollution. More and more children and teenagers are having difficulties with anxiety and depression due to being overwhelmed by modern challenges from friends, exams and social media. I have had a lot of experience with most childhood and teenage health issues and emotional problems.

These can include:-

  • Hyperactivity and behavioral problems

  • Anxiety and confidence issues

  • Asthma/Eczema

  • Food allergies and digestive problems

  • Immune system problems such as:-

  • Coughs, sore throats, earaches and repeated

  • colds/flus/fevers

  • Skin problems

  • Bedwetting and sleep problems.

children blowing bubbles

“Olivia was having cough after cough and repeated sore throats, one after another. She was losing confidence at school and waking at night with fevers. Her immune system was very low. Olivia really liked taking Gordon’s sugar pills and going for a visit to his clinic. Now she has lots of energy and rarely gets sick.”

DN (Olivia’s mum)

“Gordon has really helped with Callum’s behaviour. He moved school twice due to violent out-bursts and poor concentration. He now feels like a different child and a pleasure to be with.”

SC (Callum’s Dad)


Eczema and skin problems

Eczema can be due extreme sensitivity of the skin and inherited problems with the immune system. I have developed a specific treatment plan for eczema that I have used effectively for the past twenty-five years. I have good experience with all other skin complaints including acne, psoriasis and dermatitis.

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“My eczema started when I was 9 months old and continued through my school and university days. My father also suffered with eczema all his life. I have been continually on various medications for my skin. When I went to see Gordon at age 45 years old I still used cortisone steroid cream for my skin and histamines for my allergies. After 2 months of treatment I could already see an improvement and after 10 months my life long eczema was completely clear. During this time Gordon also treated my 7-year-old daughter and cleared her eczema after 4 months. I didn’t think my eczema would ever go, I thought I just had to live with it.”


“We came to Gordon in March 2018, after a desperate battle with eczema, affecting our 15 month old. 
He had just been hospitalised with an infection of the skin and eczema affected him all over his body. 
My husband and I were at our wits end.Gordon greeted us at his St Johns Wood office with warmth, confidence, assurance and experience of dealing with this before.


We immediately felt we were in good hands. He managed our expectations, telling us it would take time. Within 6-9 months, our sons condition largely cleared up, restoring all of our sleep, our quality of living and our mental health! We continue to work with Gordon to strengthen our health in all areas and would highly recommend Gordon.

As an individual he is compassionate, highly knowledgeable and experienced, and takes great pride in his work as a homeopath." - CW

Both our daughters were diagnosed with eczema, they were prescribed cortisone cream and it gave just a moments relief, but on long term it was harmful and it didn’t treat the eczema. I was really desperate when a friend recommended Gordon as an expert regarding eczema treatment and he did his job very well. 

Emily was treated in about 6 months and Ana in about 2 months. That’s a fantastic result, considering that eczema can be a life long health condition. I highly recommend  Gordon Sambidge as being very efficient in treating eczema.

CM ( Emily and Ana’s mother)


Immune system and chronic fatigue

Due to the pace and demands of life, I see more and more people suffering with low energy and burnt out immune and adrenal systems. This can lead to a downward spiral with sleep loss, depression and apathy. Sometimes rest and a holiday are not enough to return our mind and body to full energy.

Homeopathy, nutritional supplements and herbal tinctures can soon return the energy that has disappeared.


“Gordon told me I was suffering from adrenal burn out. No surprise. He gave me herbal drops and remedies. We changed my diet and I started to exercise. Feel so much better”


Menstrual and endocrine disorders


Our menstrual and endocrine systems are controlled by micro amounts of various hormones.


Slight imbalances to hormonal levels can cause big changes in periods, premenstrual tension, thyroid and metabolic levels. Hormonal levels are very sensitive and can be easily thrown out of equilibrium by a variety of chemical and environmental factors. It is difficult for the body to return to normal with the right stimulation and rebalancing.

women running

“My periods returned to normal, no more pain, no more PMT , no more heavy bleeding, no more thrush. Fantastic”